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Announcements and Alerts are great ways to get messages out to your school community instantly. 


These messages/memos live in your Minga feed. Some great ideas for best use of announcements include:
  • to broadcast general announcements that are related to your entire school community
  • to update your school on something happening that day or in the near future
  • to instantly get the attention of or get a message to a single or few members of your Minga (using @mentions)
The members of your Minga will get a push notification on their mobile device. As well, members will receive a notification in the app.

Just enter the Headline and if more details are needed, fill those in below.

You can also create announcements and schedule them for later delivery. Why not get ahead for the week? Under the advanced settings, you can select a publish date in the future.


Alerts are just that - an instant and digital way to alert your school community. Snow day and no school? School Bus #24 will be 20 minutes late? Make sure that no one misses out on these newsflashes. 

Alerts do no live in your Minga feed. These are immediate push notifications sent out to all Minga members. We strongly recommend that Alerts are only used in urgent or highly important situations. It's the cry wolf story, or the "nothing is bolded if everything is bolded".