Your Minga is set up. You’ve invited your school community. Now what? 

Your school will start to post and share... and you can help engagement and inclusion by following some of these simple best practices.

  Post Your Daily Announcements     

Digitally share those daily messages - It's easy to copy/paste your daily announcements into your Minga. You can also @mention specific members if needed (they’ll get a personal notification). Now that’s some immediate value!

  Create Your Events   

This is a huge plus right away for everyone. Get your sport, team, club and social leaders to create their upcoming events in Minga. It's a great way to drive engagement and provide users value. 

  Do Some Fun Polls and Surveys     

Students love sharing their voice and opinion so create some engaging polls and surveys. PIN them to the top of the feed to keep them front and center for a day or two. Have some fun with this new feature!  

  Share Daily/Weekly Features     

Do a quick interview with a student or staff and share the story as a post or video. It doesn't have to be too elaborate - share where they were born, where they grew up, a fun fact, a hobby… anything that’s interesting to share with your school community.  

 Prizes For Posts

Create a post to raffle off a cool prize. Get members to comment or like the post to automatically enter and encourage them to spread the word.

Need some prizes? Talk to us! We have some amazing, eco-friendly biodegradable Minga phone cases as well as some sustainable Minga t-shirts we can offer at heavily discounted rates to use as prizes.