Permission Level: Owner | Manager

On Minga, any member can report content. Reporting content is a way to flag or notify an Owner or Manager that something posted in their Minga may not be appropriate. 

When content is reported, the Owner or Manager will receive a notification. At that point, they should review the reported post and determine if any action is required. 

1. Visit the Moderation page in your Minga. 

You will see a list of unresolved and resolved reports. The unresolved items list who reported the content.

2. View and Resolve

Open the post to review the content. You are provided a few courses of action here:

  • Close: this action will keep the post as unresolved
  • Delete & Resolve: this will delete the content from your Minga and mark the report as resolved (you will be prompted to confirm this action)
  • Keep & Resolve: this will keep the content live in your Minga and mark the report as resolved

The Moderation page in your Minga will keep track of all the reported content and resolutions. You can at any time see that action taken in relation to the report.