Permission: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Group Owner

Managing group access and control is made easy through Minga.

1. Viewing Group Members

You can view all the members of your group by clicking on the Members link in your group page.

2. Accepting Group Members

If you create a private group, members will need to request to join your group. You will receive a notification and can accept or decline their request. You can also view the request by viewing your list of group members.

3. Adding Group Members

As an owner of a group, you have the ability to add members. Simply:
- click "Add Members" on your group page
- search for people you want to add
- confirm the member(s) to add

4. Managing Group Owners

When you create a group, you are the owner of that group. You also have the ability to give other members ownership (so that they have special permissions within the group) and to remove owners if needed.

NOTE: A group requires at least one owner who's Minga role is owner, teacher, or manager. If you are the single owner of a group, you are not able to leave that group without assigning at least one other authorized owner.