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Using a Join code is an easy way to get your Community into your Minga. A Join Code is a 4-digit code that you distribute throughout your Community. Anyone with your Join Code will be able to join your Minga and create their own account. 

To activate your Join Code, go to the Account page.

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Then click the toggle to activate.

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If you're part of a MingaSchool, you will have the option of selecting whether people joining by code given the Student or Parent role. If you select both, users will self-select their role when they first join.

If you are a MingaLite subscriber, people joining by code will have the Member role, and for MingaConference they will have the Attendee role.

You can then copy this code and share it however you like! Just remember: anyone with your join code will be able to join your Minga.

Once your community has joined your Minga, you can then turn your code off again. When the code is deactivated, no one will be able to join using your code until you turn it back on again. If for some reason you decide you need to generate a new code, click Create new code. Doing so will will deactivate your old code as well.

For a video walkthrough of the Join Code process, check out this video!