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The People Manager provides you with a complete overview of membership in your Minga. It is a powerful tool for tracking activity by role, managing invites, editing personal information, and more!

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Filtering Your Search

One of the reasons the People Manager is so useful and versatile is the ability to carefully filter your users based on their role and registration status.

Any time you make a filter selection, select the "List Selected People" button at the bottom of the page in order to view a list of users matching your filter criteria.

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There are a few scenarios where you need to see all the users who you have invited, but who have not yet activated their account, or vice-versa. To do this, select the "People" or "Pending Invites" filters.

  • People Filter: Returns all users who have accepted your Minga invite and created an account.
  • Pending Invites: Returns all users who have been sent an invite to your Minga but who have not yet created an account.
Selecting both of these filters will return you a list of all your invited users, regardless of whether they have activated their account or not.

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In combination with the above filter options, you can further refine your search by filtering according to user role. The graph on the right illustrates the proportion of each role in your selection.

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Any time you make a filter selection, it will appear under the Roles section. This makes it easy to keep track of your filters. Clicking the "x" on a filter will remove it from your search.

The below selection would search all users who have been sent an invite who have been given the roles of either Student Leader or Student.

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Tracking Activity

The Activity section of the People Manager provides you with a quick measure of engagement in your Minga. It will show you the percentage of log-ins for the day, the past week, and the past month.

The Activity stats are adjusted based on your filter selection. For example, if I wanted to see how many of my students have been logging in. I would select the "People" filter and the "Student" role filter. 

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Resending Invites

Sometimes Minga invitations get lost or are forgotten about. The People Manager provides an easy way to resend them to all users who have yet to accept your invite. Simply select the "Resend Invites" button and an invite will be resent to everyone in the "Pending Invites" list!

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Finding a Specific User

Often you will need to find a specific user to resend a single invite or edit their information. This is easily done using the search bar at the top of the People Manager page. Searching will only search within your filter criteria.

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