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It is important to introduce Minga to the staff, administrators and teachers at your school in a proactive way so they understand the value and are prepared for simple questions from students and colleagues.

Here is a sample staff introduction email template. Please feel free to use and change this as you see fit. It is recommended to send this from one of your administrative or teacher Minga champions as it is likely to solicit questions.

To all our amazing staff at <School Name>,

We are rolling out Minga - a new communication and engagement platform at school to help simplify and improve communication and engagement. Minga is a social learning platform built for schools to be collaborative and effective at engaging our entire school community while also meeting security, privacy and reporting requirements.

Minga is a collaborative social app that can be accessed on your phone or from your computer. It empowers everyone with a voice to share with the school community and uses Artificial Intelligence to filter content to ensure it's appropriate, and connects everyone by their real names so they are accountable.

At the end of the day, our intention is to create a stronger, connected and aware school community and positive culture. We're sure you have lots of questions and we'll be hosting a training for our staff soon. In the meantime, you will see an invite in your email inbox inviting you to join our private school Minga. We encourage you to log in and check out Minga.


<Your Name>