Permission: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Student Leader

Add an event to promote engagement for the next big game, upcoming dance, school fundraiser or academic activity. 

1. Click on the add button. Select Event.

2. Add event details

Start with the Event Title; a banner will populate based on your event title. You can always select a different pre-designed banner from the banner library or upload your own banner.
***If you use a pre-designed banner, the event title will autofill on the design. If you use your own banner, you will need to include the event title in your image. 

Is it an all day event? If so, just turn the toggle on. Otherwise you can select a specific Start and End time in addition to your Start and End date.

Optional fields:
  • Event description - free form area for you to let attendees know why the event is taking place and what to expect.
  • Hosted by - let people know who is the host. You? Someone else? A School group?
  • Location - tell everyone where to gather, whether it be the sports field, the cafeteria or the auditorium.

3. Advanced event settings.

By default, members have the ability to say they are "Going" to an event. When the event occurs, the "Going" button on the event card will change to "Check-in". This will allow you to see not only who is interested, but who actually attended the event. Not that type of event? Toggle off!    

Ready to take engagement tracking to the next level? Toggle on Require code for check-in and enter a code. Members will need to enter that code during the event to successfully check-in.